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Welcome, thekristeen, to my friends list! Kris Sr. is someone I've known through Pern fandom for about 20 years (God, that's scary!) and I'm so glad she's found her way to LiveJournal. :0

Name Meme ThingyCollapse )

Church: So there I was, sitting in church, waiting for the service to start. In honor of the Pope, I decided to dress especially nicely, in a two-piece dress with a zipper front. After sitting in the pew, I pulled down the hem of the top half to straighten it and....I felt the zipper lines separate.

All I could think of was, Oh my God, please don't let me have a clothing mishap in church! I was imagining the thing unzipping all the way up to my throat, with my bra showing for all the congregation to see.

Methodists are pretty laid-back, but I don't think they're quite that laid-back. I hustled my way out of the main chapel and into the nearest ladies' restroom. Thankfully, my top didn't unzip any farther. After some wrestling with it, I was able to get the whole thing separated and rezip it properly.

Whew! At last able to banish images of Janet Jackson from my brain, I went back in for the rest of the service.

Today's sermon was about the two men walking to Emeus, who met Jesus on the road but didn't know who he was until he broke bread with them that evening. Part of the reason they didn't recognize him was that they were so immersed in their own feelings of loss for Jesus that they could not see him among them. It was a good sermon, and it talked about mourning without quite specifically talking about mourning. Being a Methodist service, the pastors mentioned the Pope's and Terri Schiavo's deaths without dwelling on them; they let the sermon speak the words for them:

Wherever you are, when you despair, God is with you.

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