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Suse and Anna--Happy Birthday! :D I hope you two have a wonderful one!


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Well, I've gone and done it. I bought the imperialsecrets.org domain plus hosting, and I'll buy the .com version of it, once Caroline, the former Imperial Secrets webmistress, releases it to me.

I thought this day would never come.

I don't know if it will be possible to resurrect the game; quite likely, there is no possibility of resurrecting the entirety of it. But at least the site will be there. At least we can still access the information, if we want. Maybe something of the old game can be revived.

Some of us have been talking on L-Isle@yahoogroups. I'm noticing that a lot of us found the game harder to play, once our characters achieved high rank. I wonder if a new game could be started that doesn't use the rank system?

Suse--Do you still have any of those files that you harvested, or do you know what I must do to get them?

IMS was too good a game to just let it die like a punk.

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According to the AP news service, Pope John Paul II has just died.

I remember, when he was first elected Pope, it was immediately after the previous pope had died after a very short tenure, and I wondered how long the new one would last.

I haven't agreed with all of Pope John Paul's opinions and decrees. I would like to see the Catholic church move in a more open direction than the restrictive path John Paul has led it down, in some ways. For instance, I think women should be allowed into the priesthood. Women have as much right to and ability for intelligent religiosity as any man. One has only to read the works of the women mystics to see this. There are many able Catholic women of today who might very much be interested in becoming priests. I think it is wrong to forbid them this path of devotion simply because of religious conservatism.

Despite John Paul's conservative views, however, I think he was a great man. More than that, I found him to be a capable, honest, and unpretentious man deserving of the deep respect he has earned. I am very sad to see him go; the shoes of this particular fisherman will be very hard to fill.

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Current Music: "Ubi Caritas" - Celtic Spirit
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