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...he sends me emails like this one:

From Mark:

Rene Descartes believed that he was born on this date. What do you think of that?

My reply:

Hi, Sweetheart!

Rene Descartes may well have been born on this date, but he did not yet truly exist because he could not yet think.

In Memory: @>->-- Terri Schiavo --<-<@

Dream: I can't remember most of what I dreamed last night, but I do know that I was a mouse, having an adventure with three or four other mice who were various of my friends, I think. It was interesting; I don't think I've ever dreamed myself to be an animal, before.

Character Weirdness: My IMS character Myradin wants to propose to Ilena, the woman he loves. This, despite the fact that the game has been dead for about eight months.

Current Mood: okayokay

Oh, lord, this made me want to cry. Poor Wil and his family!

Jump back March 31st, 2005 Go forward