March 12th, 2005


Le Weekend

Happy Birthday, Sean Jones!

Books: I found a copy of the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual via the Amazon Marketplace, so I ordered it. Hurray! I even got it for a reasonable price.

Last night at Barnes and Noble, I bought Guardian of Honor by Robin Owens and am looking forward to reading that. It has a vague feel of Valdemar about it, though there are no Companions. It's just the feel.

Medical Transcription Word of the day: Philadelphia chromosome - A switching of genetic material between chromosme 9 and chromosome 22, which causes chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML).

Writing: I actually got some writing done, this morning. I must get up early on Saturdays more often!

Time for me to go. Mark and I are taking our friend Donna to Shoney's--or maybe to IHOP, since they now serve crepes. Yum!
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