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Today I started work at 6:30. At 8:30, my boss said, "You sound really bad, and I have no work to give you right now except tapes. Why don't you just go home?"

I did.

I had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and some excellent toast at the Randall's deli section, bought some Ny-Quil, more Ricola cough drops, and another box of Throat Coat herbal tea, and went home to bed. Been there ever since. I'm beginning to feel a little better. I don't know if it's the drugs or the natural progression of the cold, but at least my sinuses aren't clogging up like they have been for the past few days, and the post-nasal drip is considerably diminished. I think I might feel close to normal, tomorrow. Right now, I'm still foggy from the Ny-Quil. The liquid isn't quite as powerful as the pairs of gelcaps, but it's still good stuff. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

I saw a bit of Condoleezza Rice speaking to an audience in Paris when I got home, but I didn't hear much of her speech.

Interesting note--If I go home in the morning, before 9:30, I can get home in 45 minutes!

It has been raining here, all day. I thought I might go take a walk, but it's just miserable, outside. Not cold; in fact, It almost felt hot, leaving work. But it's a constant, dripping rain that's just deressing.

Poetry: I got a notice in the mail that one of my poems has been accepted for an anthology to be published by Poetic Power. Unfortunately, this seems to be another vanity press, like the now-defunct World of Poetry and the so-called National Library of Poetry. They accept your poem for publication and then ask if you want to buy the book. So I won't be submitting to them again. At least they are more honest than NLP, though. They admit that it will be a small print run, and they don't try to claim that "Your poem will be in an anthology that is in university libraries all over the world." or any of that kind of crap. Plus, they're a lot less expensive than World of Poetry ever was, so I might actually buy the anthology, just to see what quality of work they accept for it. From the price, I am presuming that it will be a very small book, so they will have to be far choosier about the poems they publish than WOP was. With WOP, their anthologies were cattle-calls for every bad poet you could imagine.

Anyway, time to pull out my copy of Poet's Market again.

While lying in bed, I got to thinking about something, today.

I have not done any serious, disciplined writing since Nanowrimo. That's just wrong.

I write interactively in the evenings with a friend, but that isn't the same as real, polished writing that you work hard at. It is never, ever going to prepare me for professional publication, and I'm realizing that I don't want to collaborate--at least, not right now. Not when I don't have a feel yet for the self-discipline a novel demands. Not when I haven't yet exhibited the self-discipline that a novel demands.

I went into Pern fan writing because I regarded it as a stepping-stone to becoming a professionally published writer--and I think it was good practice. Now, I need to get my act together and really work at this. And that will mean giving up something I've been loath to give up for quite some time.

A novel is not calling to me at the moment, but could that perhaps be because I haven't been listening? Could it be because I have let myself become involved with something else, rather than listen to the 'voice' of a novel begging me to be written? If nothing else, I have my Nano works to plow through--Ealdru, Vendetta, and The Curse of Avriet. Even during Nano, I could see things I needed to do, to improve Curse. But it will never get done unless I give up something I'm hesitant to give up.


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LMAO!!! I saw this quiz in thomsolo's journal, and the instructor of paulgraves_de is scarily approproate!

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Paul: "Two lightsabers is quite excessive. I would only use one--and it would be blue. Other aspects of this meme, though--scarily perceptive."

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