January 23rd, 2005


A Relaxing Sunday

Happy Birthday, Crys! (marvo) I hope you had a wonderful time, today. :)

I have not done much at all, today. Currenly, I'm chatting with baghdaelf and have finished my character for crackferret's Project.

I am also munching on cheddar-flavored Chex Mix.

TV: Tonight, I will watch a new TV show on cable called Young Blades. It stars Michael Ironsides as Cardinal Mazarin and Bruce Boxleitner as a fencing school master. It airs tonight at 7pm Central on the PAX Channel, which I gather is a family viewing type of channel. The main character is likely to be the kid playing d'Artagnan's son. Looking forward to this! John Sheridan fencing. Yes!!!
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Young Blades

Okay, it borrows heavily in technique from Covington Cross, but I still like it. Even if the dialogue is full of anachronisms, it's still funny dialogue! And this time, instead of just having Cardinal Mazarin be evil simply to cause the Musketeers trouble, we know why he's evil--or at least, why he is so overboard in the first scene. It's a good reason, too--Sociopathy is a good reasn, right? Not at all historically accurate, but still, at least it's a plot reason.

I like the fact that the woman pretending to be a man at least makes a convincing-looking man. Yes, to modern eyes, we can tell right away that she's female, but you can see how, to 18th century eyes, she could pass for male.

Bruce Boxleitner is great as the captain of the Musketeers, and they've done his hair in such a way that he doesn't look anything like Sheridan from Babylon 5.

Michael Ironsides looks properly pale and evil as Mazarin. I do think it's a pity, though, that this role doesn't allow him to nuance his character, at all. Frankly, from the little I saw in this episode, they could have gotten a lot more average actor than Ironsides to play the role. He is far more capable than the limits allowed by this particular role.

The kid playing Louis XIV is terrible--acts very spoiled and not at all like the capable monarch that Louis XIV actually was. Mark wonders if they might be setting up a Man in the Iron Mask sort of plot for him. From what I saw of the brat, that would be a welcome change.

The rest of the Musketeers--d'Artagnan Jr. and his friends--all seem like good characters, fun to watch. Right now, they're mainly Guys Being Guys, and I enjoy that. One's an inventor, one's a poet, and the other apparently likes his food, thogh being a Musketeer keeps him fit and trim.

I suspect I'll continue watching this show just because it's fun. It's not trying to aspire to the standards of the History Channel, which is a pity, but I can keep my disbelief suspenders on and enjoy it for what it is.

Best line of the evening: "Bags of air could save lives." though you have to see the scene to understand why I keep giggling as I type that.
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