January 7th, 2005


2004, Strung Together

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Medical Transcription Word of the Day: ursodiol - This is a drug that breaks up gallstones.

Work: I had a report that was hard to type, today. The doctor had to tell his patient's wife that her husband had incurable cancer, and he wrote that she cried in his office. I wanted to cry, too--for her, for him, for the patient, whom I have typed reports on in the past.

After I got myself back together, I was glad that I'd experienced this. I have been worried that I am the sort of person who feels comfortable discussing forensics during meals. I watched an episode of Enterprise in which Dr. Phlox records an autopsy report on Lt. Mayweather, and my main thought was not to be upset that Mayweather had apparently died. No, I was mentally gushing that John Billingsley could dictate autopsy reports to me, anytime.

I really have been worried that maybe I wasn't letting the humanity and pain of medicine sink in, and I'm very relieved to know that I'm not like that. Other transcriptionists in my office have told me that having to type a report of a death, first thing in the morning, depresses them for the rest of the day. I have at last felt this for myself.

I still want to hug all three of those people and cry with them, but it's not as bad now as it was when I was typing the report. *sigh*

Finding Neverland: This was an excellent movie! I don't think I have ever seen Johnny Depp do a better acting job than I witnessed in this movie, and he was brilliant. Very nuanced and completely believable. Depp put a lot of thought into this role, and it is some of his finest work.

Hey, Viv, what do you think of Depp's J. M. Barrie from this movie as Paul in his 20's and 30's?

The theater showed a trailer for the Willie Wonka movie, and I have to say, I don't want to see it. Depp's Willie Wonka is too weird and spaced-out; reminds me powerfully of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Very goth Victorian; just far too weird. I preferred Gene Wilder's version.
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