January 1st, 2005


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you! May we all get through it with faith and the help of our friends. For many, many people in this world, some of whom have lost literally everything, it can only get better than 2004. I sincerely hope it will.

House Bedlam: The House Bedlam New Year's Eve party last night was great! The TV wasn't working, so we all got to just sit around and talk, which is what I prefer; I really don't like watching the New Year's Eve celebrations in New York City. They hype it so much, and I always think, "Big deal."

I had a 'proper Old-Fashioned.' Michael both enjoys making mixed drinks and likes history, and he discovered the history of a mixed drink called an Old-Fashioned. Apparently, in the American colonial era, the first mixed drink was essentially whiskey mixed with a certain proportion of sugar. This was not necessarily something you would have at a tavern, by the way; it was often drunk with breakfast. Water was so unhealthy back than that people commonly drank cider or other alcoholic beverages, instead.

After a while, other mixed drinks were invented, so it became the custom to ask for an 'old-fashioned' one, to distinguish it from the others. At some point, people began adding fruit to it. I prefer it without the fruit!

The only thing I didn't like about the party was that we didn't leave until 2:34am, by which time I was getting cranky with DMS and sleepiness. I mean really cranky, where I kept having to bite my tongue to keep myself from saying things I would have regretted later. The friend who we gave a ride home to was hyper and insisted on leaning up against the back of my seat in the car, chattering about any number of topics and massaging my shoulders. I was torn between feeling very grateful for the massage and wanting to snarl at her to "shut the hell up and leave me alone; I'm trying to SLEEP!"

Mark said he was glad she was talking, though, as it helped him stay awake while driving, so I'm glad I wasn't rude.

The other disappointing thing was that moonwilf41 wasn't there, but I am hoping that she simply had to work. She got a job at Ben Taub Hospital (Hurray!) and probably had to work New Year's Eve because she is new.

Dream: I got up this morning at 10:30, having dreamt about my character Paul Graves, who was wearing my marroon cape, talking to some woman who was asking him to look through a window at a pair of large houses and tell her what he thought of them. Paul looked at the houses and told her that he wasn't sure why, but they looked deserted, to him. Then there was a bit about some guy who was hiding in the nearby woods, wanting to kill the woman. I get the idea he had mistaken someone else for her, or something. Paul was about to investigate the two houses and seemed likely to encounter the other guy outside. Also, it was autumn; there were a lot of brown, crackly leaves on the grass outside.

I would have dreamed more, but the darned phone rang. I wish I had dreamed more, because this felt like the beginning of a neat mystery.

Gaming: Today, we're having our gamers' holiday party and gift exchange. I just have four presents to wrap today, and then I am DONE!

Note to Self: Paul is an enzyme.

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