December 28th, 2004


An Open Letter to the Terrorists

Dear Terrorists,

Seeing as how there are now countries so fraught with disasters that body bags are on their short lists of desperately-needed items, do you think you might give the suicide bombings a rest and do something useful with your lives?

I'm looking at you, Zarqawi.

Much obliged.

* * *

Work: Work was good, today. I typed mostly ENT reports. And we do get Friday off.

One of our doctors spelled out this word on a tape--menisitis--referring to something pertaining to the jaw, near the TM joint. We haven't a clue what the man actually meant. I'm guessing mastoiditis, but what is one to do when the man spells it out, and it's still not a word? I have to admit, I'm relieved I didn't get this particular report. I need to ask P whether she blanked it or came up with the correct word. I'm curious.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: sertraline - the generic name for Zoloft.

Earthquake/Tsunami: I'm not really sure why I typed this heading. There really isn't much to say, because the horror is almost numbing. However, I did find an aid organization: USAID. I haven't visited the website, yet; only saw it listed on the news.

Gaming: My copy of the D&D 3.5 players' handbook arrived, today. Time to roll up a character. I'm now awaiting a book called Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Inexact Science.

TV: Looking forward to House, MD tonight, along with Dog and a rerun of Crossing Jordan.

Bus: Someone on my bus route was collecting signatures for a petition to request that the Bellfort route have buses every 12 minutes during rush hour. I don't think we have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting buses that frequently, but I could be quite satisfied with having them come at least every half hour. I signed that petition as quickly as I could get my hot little hands on it.

I want a nap Zzzzz...
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A Collection of Medical Spoilers

House, MD final diagnosis SPOILERS behind this link. I'm using this page as my personal reference, and I'm missing the diagnoses for a couple of the episodes. Can anyone else remember them?

Not the Right Hildegarde! In shusu's journal, I was curious about a link to some paper dolls, so I followed it. I discovered that one of the links was to 'Hildegarde.' I clicked on it, expecting to find a paper doll of the Abbess of Bingen Abbey from the Middle Ages, but nooooo! Instead, I found this. LMAO!
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