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So, I nabbed this little meme thing from goldfired and tested it on sp_gravesfamily, because the haiku I got for paulgraves_de sucked.

Here's what Paul's haiku was:Collapse )

And mine is...

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:aerden
Your haiku:With a dictation,
But because of course i've seen
Him in Spanish--No.
Created by Grahame

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: absolute neutrophil count (ANC) - The number of white blood cells which can actually help your body fight off infection. When you have an infection, your body produces massive numbers of white blood cells, many of them immature, to help fight the infection. The neutrophils are the ones which are the most effective. People on chemotherapy often get low ANC's, so they have to take a drug like Neupragen to help their bodies create more white cells.

Yep, still loving the job. :)

Truffles! Hooray! My box of Holiday Spice truffles that I bought from The Chocolate Garden has arrived. They're delicious! They were also a bit soft, when I got home. It didn't occur to Mark to put them in the refrigerator. *shakes head* This is Houston, after all. The temperature was in the mid-seventies today, I think.

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