November 30th, 2004


Tuesday Thoughts

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: Schatzki's ring - The formation of tissue in the lower esophagus, usually associated with hiatal hernia.

shusu: The following is the rough draft basis for the article I plan to write in response to your wish list. I have no documentation for anything, yet.

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TV Whoredom: Crossing Jordan, Dog: The Bounty Hunter, and House MD are all on, tonight. I am now unable to watch Cold Case Files, because it airs at the same time as House. But I am a medical geek as well as a forensics geek, so I'm happy, either way.
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Founding Father's Quiz

This is the answer I wanted:

founding father quiz
Visionary - John Adams was one; you are too. You
are very critical and you are a perfectionist.
Where you find faults, however, you have good
suggestions on how to fix them or make them
better. You are extremely intelligent, and an
excellent judge of character and situation.
Your causes are often altruistic, and you have
a clear vision of what the future will be like.
However, people have the annoying habit of not
believing you, even though you always seem to
be right. You also seem to never get the
credit you deserve. People often find you to
be 'obnoxious and disliked.' Never fear! Your
ideas will come to fruition, and one day you
shall be remembered beautifully for your
efforts. Just keep at it!

What kind of a Founding Father would you be?
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And this is the answer I actually got:

founding father quiz
Idealistic - Like Thomas Jefferson, you have dreams
of a very utopian world. You express yourself
through poetry and essays, and have many
talents and pursuits. You are called a
dreamer. While your ideas may be very
practical, they are not very practicable: most
of them are never realized. However, not all
your work will come to naught. You may make
some very lovely contributions to society and
history, such as important writings, innovative
designs, or inventions. Do not lose the dreams
that propel you!

What kind of a Founding Father would you be?
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