November 20th, 2004


Two Weird Dreams and Various Other Things

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Nano: I took Friday off from Nano, so I have to write 5,100 words at least, this weekend. See you all later!

TMMT: I have been doing medical transcription for way too long. I originally typed 'service' in the entry above as 'cervice.'

Edit: Oooh...Megalomania - -megaly. Cool!!!! I never made the connection before, but it's so obvious! I am such a dufus.

Paul Graves Nonsense Continues: I'm continuing in the bizarre, private effort to use Paul in fiction that is not related to Harry Potter. After seeing The Incredibles, I thought having him be the head of an evil superheroes group would be interesting. However, Paul insists that he will not wear a supsrsuit, and neither will anyone who works for him. No, he wants to wear his gray, Chopinesque suit, or a later Victorian version of it. He might, might go so far as Edwardian.

*rolls eyes*

The cool thing, though, is that I know why he would hate the good superheroes and work against them. And why have him be an anti-hero? Because I am tired of the sort of villains you see in cartoons. Villains might have more depth and complexity in manga and anime, but I've never seen any of that stuff. So I want a villain I can believe in, who isn't insane or a megalomaniac, who has morals and a sense of honor, but who also, for reasons of his own, doesn't believe in or doesn't or can't support the normal good guys.

So I want to write a villain who is a worthy foe, a villain you can take seriously and be truly scared of, because he's sane. Yes, insane criminals are scary--any real-life serial killer is terrifying. But dramatically, someone who is doing evil from strongly held moral convictions, rather than sociopathy, is not going to back down or allow himself to be cornered; he'll shoot first and deliver his monologue later--or leave it in a note.

It would be interesting to write the story both from the hero's standpoint and from the villain's.

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