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I got the packet of background check documents from NTI that I must complete before I can be approved for employment with the IRS as a customer service rep. One of the documents is a fingerprint card. Tomorrow morning, I'll have to go to HPD headquarters downtown and get my fingerprints made.

I presume this means my prints will wind up in the AFIS database. So strange.

Really, I think it would be a good idea for people to take everyone's fingerprints, just for the sake of identification. But that would probably overload the system. Still, it sure would help identify murder victims. I don't really understand it--They take your footprints when you're a baby, so why isn't there a database of those? Or are fingerprints a much better means of identification?

I priced corded telephones with headsets, today. At Office Max, I found a Panasonic KXTSC14W phone priced at $60, not including tax and the cost of the headset. I'm going to look around a bit more before I settle on one for sure.

After comparison shopping, I've decided to go with the Panasonic KXTS-105-W telephone and the KXTCA-92 headset.

Telephones and Headsets Being ConsideredCollapse )

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Jump back October 6th, 2004 Go forward