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I signed up to do Nanowrimo, today. I'll be working on my Curse of Avriet novel. We'll see if this happens, while I'm working full-time.

I'm copying poetry that I submitted to the_bards and placing it in musevoices, so I can know I'll still have those poems, if The Bards community is ever deleted. Nothing has been posted there since Jan 1 of this year, and I want to make sure I still have my work.

I submitted a poem to a poetry contest run by Poetic Power. If it is selected as one of the ten winners, it will be published in an anthology. What got me started on poetry today was that I got a letter from Poetry.com, inviting me to submit work to supposedly appear in an anthology of 200 poets selected as 'the best poets of 2004." Funny, but I don't remember ever winning any of their contests, so why would they consider me one of their 200 best for the year? I don't even remember submitting anything to them in 2004, but I must have. Or maybe they're just trolling for poetry.

Anyway, I would rather get published for real, rather than in one of their books, so I am looking elsewhere. It would be quite nice to get some of my poetry published in a reputable publication, again.

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