September 22nd, 2004


Munchies and Job Readiness

I'm sitting here, nibbling on a bowl of pecan halves and brown sugar-maple flavored Mini-Wheats. I've been spoiled by Texas pecans. My grandparents used to go out to the Farmers' Market, where they would get bags of huge pecans. These things you buy at the store seem puny and shriveled, by comparison.

But they are healthier than potato chips or Ding-Dongs.

I did my first day of volunteer work for Walker's Group Home this past Tuesday, and it was quite nice. I spent the day calling local churches, trying to get contact names to add to the mailing list database of churches that they have. I hope they will let me learn grant-writing there. I'm a good writer, and I would like to help them that way, if I could. The place seems very well run.

We heard an excellent speaker today at our job readiness meeting at DBS. The man's name was Jeff Henley, and he has been blind for a year and a half, following an accident of some kind. He's made a remarkable recovery and had some extremely useful things to say about job-hunting for the disabled and about one's mindset.

How you present yourself is how others view you was something he said. It sounds like an obvious concept, but it is the difference between telling an employer, "I passed out flyers at my last job." and "I helped promote fundraising at my last job."

If all you think of your last job was that it was a boring monotony of passing out flyers, you're telling a potential employer that you didn't really share, care about, or perhaps understand your previous company's goals. So, instead of saying, "I worked as the front-desk receptionist and ran the switchboard," I should be saying, "I contributed to the efficient running of my office by getting parolees in to see their officers quickly and by managing a busy switchboard."

It should have been obvious, but it was like a light coming on in my head. Thank you, Jeff Henley! I hope I get to meet you again and talk with you in more depth.

By the way, Henley will be a guest on the October 16 episode of The MacNeil-Lehrer Report, discussing politics, presumably as it relates to the disabled. I plan to watch it or tape it, if I can.

Note to Self: Independent Living Goal: Learn to operate the VCR and the remote control. No, it's not an issue of being legally blind; it's an issue of being too lazy to have learned to use them, so far!

Wrote with padfoot_uk and baghdaelf, today.

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