September 16th, 2004


Outrages of the Week

On the news:

Weather reporter: "How do you explain why we're having so many hurricanes lately?"

Hurricane Center guy, striving not to show that he thinks the reporter is daft: "'s hurricane season."

Purple Ink:

I tell you, we in the United States must be turning into a bunch of spineless wusses. There is a movement in some schools to have teachers start using purple ink to grade papers with instead of red ink, because purples is apparently a less intimidating color than red.

Say what??!

I suppose, in a century or two, people will start to whine that purple ink is too intimidating. What nonsense!

Jamaican Aliens, Italian Sharks:

A group of Italian-Americans is inveighing against director Steven Spielberg on the grounds that the sharks in A Shark's Tale are insulting to Italian-Americans. Speaking as an American of Italian ancestry, I think this is just rubbish! I am dying to see A Shark's Tale, by the way!

People gave Spielberg the same hassle over Jar-Jar Binks in Phantom Menace, claiming that Jar-Jar's accent was insulting to Jamaicans and to blacks.

Tell me, are Italian mafia sharks more distressing a thing than genocide in Darfur, Sudan? No? Than why? are people getting upset about it?

Italian mafiosi are sharks. They are just as ruthless and just as messy--read up on your Al Capone and Frank Nitti, if you don't believe me. Heck, read up on your John Gotti, if you want. People kill other people with tommy guns and baseball bats, but we're not to think of them as sharks? Then what are they, fluffy, white Persian kittens?

Leave the hyper-sensitivity; take the canoli. You'll be much happier.
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Twelve Girls Band and a New Magnifier!

Mark gave me a CD of Twelve Girls Band for my birthday. I love them! Not only do they play lovely Oriental music, they are also playing music from Riverdance!

*squeals of ecstacy!!!* I wanna step-dance! I look forward to their next album, whenever it comes out.

I had an interview today at the Lighthouse for the Blind in Houston. The Rehabilitative Services section there needs an administrative assistant. Looks like a lot of filing and a lot to keep track of, especially with regard to billing rehab agencies for services. All of the agencies have different pay scales for billing for their services, and I can see now that I'll need to do a considerable lot of studying at home at first, to learn the material, if I get the job.

Cool thing: They have a store called Reflections at the Lighthouse, where you can buy various low-vision aids. I found a wonderful lighted magnifier called a Magna-Lite, which is strong enough for me to read telephone books and cleaning fluid instructions with. I'm in heaven! I'm also using it to read books with, and I love it! So much less expensive and bulky than a CCTV. I am finally getting to read The Agile Gene and being able to read more than a page or two before I get tired.

*sigh* baghdaelf and I were trying to get some writing done today, but her DSL is acting up. I'm figuring it must be related to Hurricane Frances, but it sure is frustrating on both ends. Ah well....(g)
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