September 9th, 2004



This is soooo wrong...

Next week, I am to start volunteering for both the Prison Fellowship Ministries and Walker Group Homes (a battered women's shlter) in Houston. This freaks me out because it's like dealing with both the criminals and some of their victims. Very strange feeling, that.

And why can't finding a secretarial job be as easy as being accepted to do volunteer secretarial work? Grrrr....

I applied for three jobs with Southwest Bank of Texas, today. The one I'm hoping for is probably the lowest-paying one, receptionist in their personnel department. But it would at least be work I've done before, and I'd enjoy doing it again.

The other two jobs at the bank are administrative assistants, which I suspect are higher-paying. One of them deals with employee training, and the other deals with investor relations. I think I could probably do both jobs, but the HR one is what I'd be the most comfortable in. It pays $9-$14/hr. depending on experience. We'll see what they'd be willing to pay me. I'll call them to follow up next week.

*Off to look for more jobs*
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