August 22nd, 2004


Storms, Stories, and Evil Seth! (no, not EvilSeth)

Yesterday morning, about 5am, we had an incredible lightning storm. This thing lasted abut an hour, and it was thundering non-stop--loud thunder! Sounded as if the sky were tearing itself apart, over and over and over.

A freaky thing--our computer, which has been operating in safe mode only for the past several months--only partial colors and not completely functional--was suddenly restored to normal mode after a half-second power outage. Totally bizarre! Nothing we had done to that computer had the least effect. And now it's back to normal. I don't understand!

We saw Collateral Friday night. Pretty good movie, and Jamie Foxx does an excellent job.

I came up with an idea for a villain--sort of an anti-hero version of Seth Graves who is into organized crime. I'm still tinkering with him in my head. He's a bit scary; uses a sword cane. Maybe I can put him into Vendetta. That'd be good. Give Ephram someone meaty to tussle with. Hm.... Ooooh! Yes! I think I like this idea a lot.

*hurries off to write notes in musevoices*
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