August 12th, 2004

Book Lover

The Shoebox Project

I got curious about this shoebox_project community that gmonkey42 was talking about, so I went to investigate. If you're a Potter fan, it's great! The premise is that Remus Lupin keeps a shoebox of old letters and photographs under his bed, and one year while doing spring cleaning, he finds it and goes through the contents.

The posts to the community are written by two people, but all are welcome to comment. The stuff they are writing is hilarious! If you like the Harry Potter characters, you might very well enjoy this. I think they're up to 13 or 14 installments, now. I have friended it to my musevoices journal.

Warning: It appears to feature a developing Remus/Sirius relationship, and some people might not care for that. The story is still very amusing, though. :)
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Okay, cpsings4him has hooked me. I have to go visit Purpose-Driven She has been posting daily devotionals from them in her journal, and I'm impressed with them. The pastor of the Methodist church I attend has written sermons based on things from the book, as well.

I am floored.

Once I finish reading it, my copy of The Purpose-Driven Life, which I plan to buy tomorrow evening, is going to go on my bookshelf right next to my copy of The Cloud of Unknowing.

The daily devotionals I have seen from it are that good.

LJ is doing weird things with my joyful_singer journal. New entries from me appear on my friends' list over there, but not on my 'Recent Entries' page. And when I try to edit a post from my friends' list, it won't let me. Very annoying.
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