August 10th, 2004


Choice Chick and the Judgebots :P

Mark was websurfing yesterday, and one of the blogs on his friendslist at Blogspot had a link that he showed me.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has created an animated video called Choice Chick and the Judgebots. *sigh*

Geeze! I'm pro-choice--not militantly so, but I prefer the option of not forbidding abortion entirely. This, though, is just stupid beyond words. Can't they come up with something for intelligent people?

Edit: Am I too anal, or what? I just edited my post to add a comma. *sighs* I'd blame it on my characters, *glares at Paul and Aerden* but I know it's all me.

Paul Graves and Aerden: "Don't blame it on us; you're the one who made us this picky."

Me: "Yes, I know! I'm the one who spent two hours fiddling with Paul's journal, after all, because it had to be perfect! Why can't you be more like Myradin, who simply said, "Give me something in black and green, and I'll be happy?"

Paul: "Because Myradin is far more humble than either of us. We still have issues with humility."

Aerden: "Speak for yourself!"

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