May 26th, 2004


The Day After Tomorrow and My Personal Ecological Paranoia

The word from Ain't It Cool is in--The Day After Tomorrow uses crappy science, but it has the right 'message.'

Uh-huh. Well, they just turned me off. I go to church to be preached at. I do not want to be preached at in a movie theatre. Sorry. I know it's an environmentalist polemic--that's painfully obvious from the trailers--and I won't pay money to see one of those unless the science is superlative.

I support preserving the environment as much as anyone. But could we please be honest and reasonable about it, and work toward this goal with a sense of proportion?

I respect companies which use plants to filter out industrial waste products and sewage, thus cleaning our rivers. I do not support people who hammer railroad spikes into trees, thus killing loggers when they try to cut the trees down. Rapacious logging is wrong and should be stopped. But murdering loggers is even more wrong.

Global warming has been debunked many times, not only by reputable scientists, but also by the founder of Greenpeace. So I am not worried about global warming.

The supervolcano under Yellowstone Park, though--that scares the shit out of me, and it is a far worse danger that would cause a global ecological disaster.

But you know what? The thing has erupted at least twice before, and the planet has survived. Barely--but it has survived. Our planet is a lot more resilient than people think.

I don't take this to mean we can abuse it freely. We should be researching and developing fuel sources which can be used for transportation etc. without using up limited resources--ie, crude oil--or polluting the atmosphere. What are we going to do when the oil wells in the Middle East run dry, hm?

Me, I favor fuel cells for transportation, but there's this darned Hindenberg problem with the hydrogen used in them. *sigh* I don't trust Texas drivers enough to put a fuel cell in every car. We'd be accidentally blowing up sections of Loop 610 (and a lot of drivers) every day of the week. Not a good idea. Mini-nuclear reactors--not a good idea, either. I know our safety standards are much better than the ones in Russia for nuclear reactors, but still...I don't want a mini-Chernobyl in my family's car. Paranoid of me, I know. but...Like I said--Texas drivers. *shudder*

Solar power--not efficient enough; it takes too long to gather enough energy to run the car, and what is gathered doesn't run the car for long enough. Besides, if Yellowstone Park ever blows, we won't be having solar power for quite a while.

If they could make battery-powered cars which ran as well and as fast as fuel-powered cars, that would be great! Much cleaner, we wouldn't be using limited natural resources, and we wouldn't be dependent on foreign oil. I think that's the technology I'll hope for advancement in. It sounds to me like that is what has the best chance of succeeding.

I smell BACON! *wanders off to the kitchen to investigate*
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"Sad Lisa" - Cat Stevens

My friend Donna played this on a CD for me today. I love the piano and violin parts, but man, the song is so, so sad!

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I am using this in SPH on Monday. You have been warned. (g) I'm going to freak poor Gareth out.
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    "Sad Lisa" - Cat Stevens