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I'm feeling somewhat better, this morning, not as excessively emotional as I did last night, which is a relief. (g)

I woke up remembering an old RP I was once in with a couple of friends of mine, Beth and Acturia. Our characters awoke on a huge, empty space station kind of thing, with no memories save their names, and all three had somehow been turned into androids, I think. It didn't last very long, unfortunately, but I thought it was an interesting idea, at least. I rather wish we could have gone farther with it, because the mystery of whether these people were humans who had been turned into androids, or whether they had always been androids, intrigued me.

And, for anyone in SPH, I've finally figured out how Gareth will try to find Arcadia! *is happy*

Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: "Garryowen"
Jump back May 20th, 2004 Go forward