April 21st, 2004


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@>->-- Iraqi children who died today --<-<@

When will those assholes stop killing people?!

I sent in three more resumes, which makes five for the week. St. Luke's sent an acknowledgement that they received my resume for one of their positions. It's for one of the weekend-shift jobs, so I'm betting they didn't get a whole lot of people applying for it. I'm not keen on the idea of working 0700-2300 on Sat. and Sun., but I need a job, so... At least I can get there easily on the bus, which is a mercy. It won't be one of those hour and a half trips both ways, thank God.

I'm reading Interview Power and Skills for New Managers in hopes of preparing for a supervisory job I'm applying for, if by some chance I should be asked to interview. *keeping fingers crossed*

I'm also looking into reading a book called Scarlet Music about Hildegard of Bingen. How anyone could describe such exquisite music as she wrote as 'scarlet,' I've no idea.

Bob Woodward's book is linked to on the President's website. Cool! I like a person who encourages people to do the research and make their own decisions.

New Enterprise episode tonight. Yea!

Mark forwarded a link to me for the Quent Cordair Art Gallery. Lovely stuff! I particularly like Skip by David Knowles. I doubt I'll be able to afford it anytime soon, unless I get that $27K/yr. job I've applied for, but I can at least ooh and aah. (g)

Addendum: pegkerr is doing a neat thing for 'Take Your Child to Work' Day. She is asking people, as she did last year, to write brief descriptions of their jobs so that her daughter Fiona can learn about them. Give it a shot, if you feel like it. :)
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