December 2nd, 2003


Pop-Up Ad Rant of the Week

I haven't done a spam rant in a while, so I might as well indulge myself...

There's this wonderful little color quiz at, which is much fun. In fact, I took it yesterday and posted the result in my journal.

What is not fun is the slew of pop-up ads which come with the quiz results, the first time you take the quiz--They seem to run on a timed basis, so that you aren't spammed every time you take the quiz, just once or twice a day.

These pop-ups, though, are particularly annoying. One of them pretty much hijacks your computer while it takes a minute or two to download--and it appears onscreen in such a position that you can't close it. Then another box appears, asking if you want to download some sort of program.

Next, a gray box appears, asking whether you want to change your default start page to some particular URL. When you click 'No,' another box pops up, saying, "You forgot to click Yes!"

To which my reply is a resounding "F--- Y--!"

When will advertisers realize that rudeness and the wasting of their desired customers' time does not win sales? I don't so much blame, because they have to earn money to upkeep their site, somehow. But you would think that the advertisers themselves would have sense enough to know which methods of advertising turn people right off.

Any business whose ads will not allow me to click 'close' on them immediately is a business I will have no dealings with. That goes even moreso for a business that won't accept my refusal to view their ads as my start page. And I sure as hell don't want to download any programs to my computer whose nature I don't know. What kind of idiots do these advertisers think we are?
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