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July 2019
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My friend J. in the Air Force will not have to be deployed to the Middle East, after all.

I am so relieved about this. He was supposed to leave tomorrow.

The only bad thing about it is the realization that someone else might very well have to go over there, since J is not. I hope whoever does, if that is the case, will come back safely. S/he might not, but I can at least hope.

* * *

We had an absolutely asinine conclusion to a murder trial in Galveston, yesterday. Someone got acquitted of murder in the case of someone whose body he allegedly cut into pieces, then put into trash bags and tossed into (I guess) Galveston Bay. How in the world do you acquit someone of that? How in the world do you convince a jury that it was self-defense or an accident, but you were afraid the police wouldn't believe you because you have a prior record for murder?

It boggles my mind. I suppose it's possible for a known murder to accidentally kill someone else, but it just doesn't seem likely, to me.

* * *

I'm almost done reading Exile's Honor. After that, on to A Civil Campaign and then Prisoner of Azkaban.

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Jump back November 13th, 2003 Go forward