November 1st, 2003



Heh...Well, I did it. I went to our House Bedlam Hallowe'en party dressed as Professor Snape. Unfortunately, I could not keep a straight face, so every time anyone tried to photograph me, they got a silly grin instead of Snape's trademark disdainful look. Ah well. My costume looked lovely, and many thanks to my friend Donna Calcote for sewing it after I cut out the pieces. When I can get the pictures, I'll post them here. :)

Had much fun seeing my fellow Bedlamites. Bedlam is our SCA household, back from when we were all members. None of us have kept up our memberships, alas, but we are still wonderful friends, and I love every one of 'em, even if they do drive me crazy, sometimes! (g)

NaNoWriMo starts today. Yea! I'm going to be working on my Victorian vampire story...which doesn't have a title. *sigh*

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