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I have added baranoouji to my Friends List. She took an icon I made, displayed at aerdens_icons, and invited me to visit her journal. I did and was very impressed!

Not much going on, this morning. It's the day after Beltane. ::sigh::

I've just heard of a terrible accident occurring on a chinese submarine-70 people dead. No word on the cause, yet.

Oh my god...This submarine accident happened a couple of days ago; the Chinese government is only just now letting it be announced.

Mark and I will be going to see X-Men II this evening, probably with our friend Donna. I'm looking forward to it. The last one was quite good.

Rachel York is going to play Lucille Ball in a TV movie this Sunday. She's not bad at the role, but her voice is completely different. If feels so weird to have someone other than Lucille Ball playing Lucille Ball.

She does do the Vita-Meata-Vegemin Girl routine very well, though! (g)

Must go. Yesterday's post generated a lot of comments which I need to answer. :) Thank you all!

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "Ode to Joy" - L. van Beethoven
Jump back May 2nd, 2003 Go forward