April 1st, 2003


Life in General

You know, it's just bizarre. I can't read the eye cart, but I can still tell that the med student/intern who took my history at the opththalmologist's office yesterday was gorgeous!

Yes, sir--Made me feel about 20 and ready to ask him on a date! This despite the fact that I'm happily married.

Yep--not blind yet. ::drool::

I get to see the retinologist in two weeks. Oh joy.

After the visit to the doctor, Mark took me to Randalls, where I got my eye drop prescription filled. While there, I proposed buying us a couple of deli sandwiches for dinner. Mark was interested, so we went over to the Randalls deli and ordered two of their foot-long Chicago-style roast beef and horseradish sandwiches.

These were not big sandwiches. They were HONKING HUGE sandwiches! We expected something Subway-sized, but, my God! I couldn't even eat all of mine; I saved half for my lunch for today. They sure smelled good!

We saw The Core last Friday and thought it was wxcellent. Word is that the science is not at all bad, except for the amount of power needed to cause the Earth's core to spin. They do rip you off, though--that scene in which the kid says he needs lots of Star Trek tapes and Hot Pockets--changed to a different TV show in the movie. I was quite annoyed.

The dialogue between two of the scientists--characters Joshua Keys and Serge LeBec--was brilliant! It sounded very natural and was well-done by the actors and witty, to boot.

About Serge--I have to say, I was reminded of Undercover Blues when they mentioned his name. (snicker)

I've been looking for a picture on the Web of Chris Conner in his role of John Wilkes Booth in Gods and Generals, but I'm having no luck. Apparently, Conner doesn't even have an official website. Ah well. I really wanted him in that role as a body model for a character of mine.

And, speaking of graphics, I just made six new LJ icons of geishas, which are located at aerdens_icons for anyone who wishes to look. Other recent icon sets include "The Language of Flowers" and one of ravens.

I trimmed my fingernails yesterday, and it never ceases to amaze me how much faster I can type, when I do that...Duh!

That's it, for now.
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