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Jerks:You know, jerks who don't realize that they are jerks really annoy me. There's this guy on a list I belong to, who writes the same three-word question, with no elaboration, at least several times a week. It's like Cato the Elder (or whoever it was), saying "Carthago delenda est!" at the end of all his speeches, no matter what his speeches were about. Very tiresome.

Food: Tell me, what is the secret to slicing English muffins (crumpets) down the middle in such a way that you don't wind up with a thin sliver of muffin and a thick slab of one, both veering off at an angle? I never seem to be able to cut my English muffins into neat, flat, even halves.

But boy, do they taste good, drenched in butter and maple syrup! (g)

Mel: My friend Mel Mason is working on a novel. In it, she is combining four storylines--which I didn't think would work, but it does. You all should keep an eye out for her. I think she will have novels in bookstores, someday.

Crits: I joined the Critters writing critique website a few days ago. I just finished reading a story in which the character was very likable, realized the moral problems of the situations he was in--and then chose not to act.

I feel very weird about that and am not sure what to say in my critique. I feel mournful and kind of let-down. I suspect that the author was trying to be original, to do something different from the usual story in which the hero succeeds. I understand this, and yet I still feel let-down. I wanted the hero to succeed.

But how justified is my let-down feeling? Do I as the reader have the right to expect an author to write her story to my preferences? I don't think so.

On the other hand, I have also seen editors and agents write that authors should meet the reader's expectations in a story. If those expectations are not met, the reader is left unsatisfied and is not likely to read from you again.

But I would read this author's works again. The story wasn't bad; I just didn't like the ending--at all. I can't say that I felt cheated, exactly, but isn't that essentially what feeling 'let-down' is?

I'll be mulling this over for a while.

Current Mood: pensivepensive
Current Music: "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" - The BeeGees
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