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While reading about the proposed posting limitations being set by LiveJournal, I came across a comment by cruelandunusual that used the adorable icon below!

Front view of tabby cat with the caption: Your knitting is so mine!

I had to nab it for my collection. I looked up 'Craftywhore,' whose name appears in the keywords, but was unable to find an LJ user by that name.

My collection, by the way, is something I keep for myself, of neat icons I see. I don't use them in my LJ unless I have permission from their creators.

About Limits: I've seen two proposals. The first was

  • 3 posts/day for free users
  • 10 posts/day for paid users
  • 20 posts/day for permanent account holders

This seemed quite reasonable to me, though I favored raising the limit for free users to five posts/day.

Well, now they've offered another proposal:

  • 5 posts/day for free users
  • 50 posts/day for all other users

Fifty posts/day seems rather a lot, to me. If they're trying to prevent abuse and ease the load on their servers, I really don't see that a limit of 50 will prove effective. But it's their nickel, I guess.

There's a lot of concern about how this will affect posting in communities. As I hardly ever post more than five times a day, it's hard for me to see a problem, but I know that others do post more often.

Me, I feel that this is a journal service, not a chat service. When I want to chat, I do it in Yahoo Messenger, not in my LJ comments. But that's just my philosophy.

I will wait to see what other limits they impose. I'll be curious to see if they limit the number of journals one user may have. I suspect users with multiple journals (and I know I am guilty!) have probably contributed to the increase in number of users (accounts).

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Current Music: "The Cat Came Back"

I'va added icons_by_allie to my Friends list. I hope you will all check out her work. She does lovely stuff!

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: "Caribbean Blue" - Enya
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