February 4th, 2003


Webpage Happiness

I created a webpage for Theran Weyr in honor of the STS-107 Columbia crew.

I am very happy with it because I figured out how to create a table with a rowspan section in it. I put up a first version of this page on Monday, but then I found a photograph of Columbia on the launchpad that was of the right size, so I added that, as well. I had really wanted a close-up shot of the shuttle just after launch, with the flaming exhaust, but all the pictures I found were distance shots. The one I have works just fine, though.

If anyone has suggestions for things I might add to this page, please let me know. I would like to find official biographies of each of the crew members, so that viewers can click on each crew photograph and be able to read about that person.

Mark and I are watching the memorial service at JSC, right now. It's beautiful.

Note to Kel--You wanted to be an astronaut?
Neat! I would like to have seen you on Apollo 12, with Pete Contad and Alan Bean. They were two fun guys, and I think you would have had a ball with them.
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