January 22nd, 2003


A Four-Winged Dinosaur

I just received this link from my friend Tinker. It's a brief MSN News article about a four-winged dinosaur fossil that was found in China. At first, I thought that was ridiculous, because I've never come across any kind of four-winged vertebrate. But the illustration shows how it could work. The creature reminds me of a flying squirrel monkey. Really neat! Evolutionary diversity is a fascinating thing.
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Today's Wrap-Up

LiveJournal is offering permanent accounts again, so I went ahead and got one for this journal. I eventually plan to get one for my sethgraves journal, too, but that can wait a bit.

Welcome to elvenstar, who is an old friend to this journal in her caersidi incarnation.

Well, George Clooney has just gotten on my hit list. Apparently, he supports gun control and seems to have a beef with the National Rifle Association, of which Charlton Heston is the current president. Clooney was quoted on the news as saying that he felt Heston 'deserved' to have Alzheimer's, because of his affiliation with the NRA.

This is the stupidest, most inhumane and cruel statement I ever didn't expect to hear Clooney make. It is on a par with the stupidity I hear from Alec Baldwin, who is an even bigger putz. No one deserves to suffer from Alzheimer's; I don't care what their politics are. Complain about politics all you like; that's what freedom of speech in this country is for. But dang, don't be downright cruel and just plain rude.

And the nutty part is, if someone invited me to go see Ocean's Eleven again, or Peacemaker, I'd go! ::sigh:: It's depressing to realize I have no principles--or else, that my principles can be thrown to the four winds at the prospect of enjoying a really good movie.

I was not born to be an activist, apparently.
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