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I've acquired some new icons.Collapse )

My preference is for static, realistic icons, and all of these are just lovely!

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Current Music: "All You Need is Love" - The Beatles

Well, I think I'm slowly on the mend. My nose is no longer running like a water faucet on full blast. Thank God for Claritin!

No really interesting, intelligent thoughts, today. But I did see a fascinating show on the History Channel (I think) about harem politics in the Ottoman Empire. I'm thinking of possibly using some of the historical stuff in the Sun-Shadow story, but I'm not certain of that, yet. Will think about it.

Another interesting thing was Mail Call, which had a segment on arrow making. I learned a few factoids about fletching that I hadn't been aware of previously--mainly that all three arrows must come from the same wing of the bird, or the arrow will not spin properly as it flies.

I'm beginning to think it might be useful to create a journal for the sole purpose of storing factual information that I want to keep track of. I had hoped to use the 'Memories' section of this journal for that, but apparently, it is only for storing favorite journal entries from oneself or others.

I see there is a hunt on for a liberal version of Rush Limbaugh to be a radio talk-show host. Me, I'd like to see either Chris Matthews or Juan Williams in the job. It absolutely should not be Susan Estridge, Eleanor Clift, or Charlie Rangel. But Matthews or Williams are both intelligent, they have strong values and keep to them, and they don't get hysterical onscreen. Their shows do not become shouting matches.

I think I'm ready for bed, now. See you all later!

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