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I'm up to 14,292 words in Ealdru, which means I'm a day behind. ::sigh:: The weekend has been very busy. Yesterday, we went down to Clear Lake for gaming, and today, Mark and I went with my parents to the Texas Renaissance Festival. When we got back, I was too exhausted to do anything but fall into bed. I'm not as tired, now, but I still don't veel much like writing, though I suspect I'll probably get a little more done.

I'm in Chapter 4, now! Rowena's brain has been fried after she put a valiant struggle to avoid it. Aerden is Not Happy. And I've discovered how difficult is is to write a grief scene when it's between two guys, instead of a grief-stricken guy and a woman who doesn't mind being cried on.

Chapter 5 will probably take place in Carmallon General Hospital and the Northwood Hospice. In either Ch. 5 or 6, Aerden will decide to transfer to Northwood permanently.

Chapter 7 might start the 'ten years later' part. In that chapter, Aerden will learn that the Hospice's directorship is open, and he'll apply for the job. At this point, I think I'll have the annoying Dr. Dreslowe rear his ugly head again.

::sigh:: And I am talking about a whole lot of things here that are utterly meaningless to anyone but me, at the moment, and the folks in the sr-nanowrimo group. Ah well....

I am so tired, but I want a big mug of Earl Grey and am not really interested in dinner. Oh--and a shower. I need a shower. Zzzz....

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "You Can't Take the Sky from Me" - TV show Firefly
Jump back November 10th, 2002 Go forward