November 8th, 2002


NaNoWriMo 11/7/02

Today's word count is 12,014. I'm still in chapter 3, about to get to the 'shit hits the fan' scene.

Tomorrow's goal is to reach 13,600 words.
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Today, my mobility instructor Christy came, and she started training me with a blindfold.

It was very different!

I had expected to be terrified, and I probably would have been, if she'd tried getting me to cross a busy street. But she just started out with the simple stuff--trailing curbs and finding sidewalks and so forth.

The difference between getting around places while blindfolded and doing it while able to see stunned me. You really do pay more attention to what you hear, because that's the most significant sensory input you're getting. Suddenly, with the blindfold on, I realized that the birds were singing. I hadn't really noticed them, before I put the blindfold on. I was amazed. They sounded so beautiful.

And walking down the sidewalk was bizarre. I could hear cars and 18-wheeler trucks whizzing to my right, but by then, I had gotten into my stride a bit better (after the initial fumbling around), and I was just moving along the sidewalk as if it were nothing. A little part of me was thinking, I ought to be terrified. But I knew where I was, and I trusted my cane and Christy, so I wasn't nearly as nervous as I might otherwise have been.

On the whole, it was a totally fantastic experience!
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