October 14th, 2002


Sniper Police Humor, New LJ

We Want TLJ! I just finished listening to Brit Hume's program on Fox News, this evening. The people in the discussion were talking about the explosion in Bali and the Maryland sniper. By cleverly linking the sniper in as a 'possible terrorist,' the news media have managed to squeeze the guy into news stories which he would not normally be a part of.

So these commentators were talking about how the Maryland police are handling their press conferences, and they didn't seem to think the press briefings are being handled very well by the Maryland police. One commentator said, ""What we really want to see is Tommy Lee Jones striding out there and barking orders."

Well, I just about fell off the couch, laughing. It would be very funny if, tomorrow, Maryland Police Chief Charles Moose steps up to the microphone and says, "We're gonna search every doghouse, cathouse, henhouse, whorehouse, outhouse, and White House, until we catch this fugitive and take him down..."

My guess is, the sniper only shoots people when he's supposed to be at work. No one died today, because he had the day off (for Columbus Day), and therefore had no access to the white truck or van.

But it's just a hypothesis. I could be wrong.

New LJ: I've decided to start a LiveJournal for my characters. It will be a place for my original characters, only, no Pernese ones. I am trying to come up with a name for the LJ. It needs to be something shorter than 'Chantal's Character Closet.' I'm at my wits' end. If any of you have name suggestions for this LJ, please feel free to make them!

Characters I'm planning to give voice to in the LJ will include but not be limited to: Aerden (Duh!), Simon Arrhens (aka MacArran), Lucas and Mildred Gregory, Zachariah Gregory, Linnius Tercel, Myradin Glennis, Tarran Glennis, Alys Maldon, Ephram Young (from IMS and Vendetta), Zeldon Trevayne, Rakhailan, and Lanorre.

Most of you have no idea who a lot of these characters are, but I hope you'll get to know them. I am hopelessly fond of every single one of them, even the baddies.

Hm. Myabe I should call the thing MPD's Journal, for Multiple Personality Disorder. Ephram wants it to be called 'Voices in the Flames,' but that's a bit long.
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No, not James Bond. Much better than he. (than him?)

Bond is this all-female, electric string quartet I heard on Fox, this morning. They sound fantastic! It's like a mix of classical with rock. I must find their CD's.

They are not philistines. They rock!! And they're British, I believe.

For this, I'm so glad Christmas is coming up. :)
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