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Dagnabbit, I got sucked in, despite my best efforts!

Dark Fort is set in the 8th Pass, in the same timeline as Arolos Weyr, and it's run by British fans. DF is Weyrlife with a dark edge to it, where a privileged few lord it over the unprivileged many, and where they really do believe in the dragon color pecking order.

Throw a resistance movement and a famine with food rationing into this, and it gets really messy.

I'm trying very hard to be good, though. I'm restricting myself to one character. And, thankfully, this is an RP Weyr, so I don't have to worry about stories. That is a relief.

My character is a male journeyman dragonhealer, who specializes in treating head injuries. I've always liked neurology. It'll be fun making up cranial nerves and so forth for dragon anatomy. (g) God bless the 'Complete Neurological Exam' website I found on the Internet a few months ago. It should help a lot.

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: "My Johnny Is a Shoemaker" (folk song; Maddy Prior)
Jump back October 3rd, 2002 Go forward