September 26th, 2002


Idle Chatter

It's a slow morning, today. I'm sitting here listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio program, taking a break from this huge backup website that I'm putting together for a PBEM that I'm in.

It looks like Mark and I will be going with our friend Tom to see Barber Shop tomorrow night. I've heard it's pretty good! We were going to see X Versus Sever, but all the reviews we've heard about that one have been really bad.

::sigh:: I was going to post here a silly poem I once wrote about my husband Mark's adoration of Rush Limbaugh, but I can't remember all the words. Oh well, maybe I'll find them later on. :)

No really cool buildings to report on, no missing children to rant about (thank god!), and no really wild happinesses, today. I should go unload the dishwasher. (g) I guess all journal entries can't be scintillatingly brilliant examples of prose.

See you later!
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Rant - Porno Spam. Might offend some.

All right...Twice in one day, I've received the same porno spam from two different email addresses. I have forwarded them to Yahoo Customer Care and blocked my address from them. These were actually rather tame ads. At least they weren't advertising any underage participants.

They did, though, try to be cute by implying that the emails were in response to a feedback form that I had submitted. Bullsh-t.

Is there anyone on this planet who can explain to me how any advertiser of this kind of thing can be so stupid as to send his ads out indiscriminately?

I worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for ten years, some of which were spent working with sex offenders. Now, I was a secretary, but I might very well have been a parole officer or some other kind of investigative agent.

But these porno spammers don't know that. They just send this crap out to people they haven't vetted, and, for all they know, could include FBI agents, law enforcement officers, or simply private citizens who take umbrage at receiving pornographic spam. Any one of these people, with adequate knowledge of DNS servers and documentation, could shut them down and get them sent to prison--especially the creeps who send out child pornography ads over the Internet.

Why do these spammers advertise like this???! They're just begging to get arrested.

Now, if I were going to provide porn over the Internet, I would:

  1. Use only adult models.
  2. State this fact clearly on my website and in my ads.
  3. Have a contractual agreement with my models, allowing me to display their photographs.
  4. Advertise only in adult chatrooms or mailing lists, to people who appeared interested, and allow the news to spread discreetly, by word of mouth. I would not just send my ads out to God and everybody over the Internet and pray that the police wouldn't come knocking on my door some night.

Criminals are not the smartest people in the world. I know this for a fact, having worked with them. But, by God, I would think they'd at least have a minimal sense of self-preservations!

Is there any sort of law that prohibits the sending of unsolicited prnography ads across the Internet, whether they be of adults or children?

If there isn't, I would sure be interested in working out some legislation to enact one.
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