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Hurricane Rita Update

Now a Category 4 storm again with a forecast track that leads it closer to Beaumont at the moment--but we'll see how long that holds. We are now predicted to be on the 'clean' side of the storm, which is of some relief, but I pity the people in Beaumont and Port Arthur, if the storm goes the way it is predicted to.

My parents left Clear Lake this morning at 11 o'clock and got to my grandparents' home around 11:20. Apparently, the southern part of I-45 is empty now, which is a good thing; it means the evacuation worked well in that respect, at least. I just hope people can get out, now that they're on the northern parts of these highways. Apparently, opening up both sides of the freeways to outbound traffic is helping a lot.

Now, we're mainly just waiting.

Meme Sheepage (Stolen from chipperazzi:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. calligraphy:
    I've loved calligraphy ever since I first saw it; it is so elegant and beautiful. I'm left-handed, so my calligraphy always looks a little off, or else I have to create my own variety so it will look good. I envy people who can do calligraphy well.
  2. crime documentaries:
    I've been interested in criminology since I was 9 years old and almost did a science fair project based on it, except that I didn't know how to narrow the subject down--I couldn't decide what I wanted to narrow my topic too. I've watched crime shows for years, been an avid fan of forensics dramas on TV, and have been watching the crime documentaries on A&E for the last several years.
  3. enterprise:
    I thought Enterprise was the best Star Trek spin-off since Deep Space Nine, and I am very sorry to see it go. Toward the end, once they got a person running things who understood what the fans wanted, it was producing some brilliant episodes. I will miss it a great deal.
  4. gregorian chant:
    I tend to see music in colors, and Gregorian chant in colors is BEAUTIFUL! It's like ribbons of burgundy, red, gold, and green all blended together in a multi-colored band. I could listen to chant for hours! I never would have imagined liking such a thing, but my God, the harmonies are exquistie when they do polyphony.
  5. icons:
    I like making my own icons. It was a source of great frustration when I first joined Livejournal that I had to use icons that other people had made instead of being able to make my own. I was very happy when I finally got graphics software and could do my own artwork, even if I am not very skilled at it yet. I have an icon journal called aerdens_icons and also one called wallpaper_tiles.
  6. lois mcmaster bujold:
    Lois McMaster Bujold is one of my very favorite authors, and the best thing about her is that, even though she is famous now, the quality of her work has not diminished, at all. Her writing about Miles Vorkosigan and his family has only grown richer and more complex. This woman can plot her way out of a dozen paper bags. She astounds me. I hope I can become a writer at least half as good as she is, if not better than that.
  7. mysteries:
    Sherlock Holmes is my god. (g) I primarily enjoy reading historical mysteries, particularly by Anne Perry. Her characters William Monk and Thomas and Charlotte Pitt are among my favorites. I would love to learn how to write mysteries myself, but I don't feel inventive enough. I guess I'll have to work on that.
  8. pre-raphaelites:
    My friend Viv introduced me to this school of artists. They're wonderful! They take characters from myths and legends and paint the sort of pictures I like to look at--realistic and yet with a story to them. These paintings have a magical feel to them that I love. John Williams Waterhouse is another one of my gods.
  9. simon & garfunkel:
    I used to listen to their music in the sixties--yes, I am that old! "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" and "The Sound of Silence" used to be my favorite songs, and I would sing them all the time and compose variations on them. Now "Patterns" is one of my favorites, along with "Kathy's Song." I have often used their lyrics in RPG posts. I know the lyrics of just about all of their music.
  10. the cloud of unknowing:
    This is THE best book that has ever been written on this planet. Get over the very cumbersome translations from Middle English. I've seen one translation that had a paragraph-long sentence. *pant* This book describes how to be a monk, and it describe the values and tenets of medieval Catholic mysticism, that the only way to know God is by love. This book is powerful; it hit me like a rock to the skull. I don't have words to describe how beautiful and important it is to me.

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