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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Asking to be Slapped

Someone in my office is playing that Hilary Duff song, "Come Clean." You know, the one that includes the lyrics, "Let the rain come down..."

No, thank you!

Hurricane Rita went to Category 4 this morning--about six hours before it was expected to. It was freaking out all the local radio weathermen when the news came in during the middle of their weather reports.

Looks like Mark and I will be riding out the storm at home, as we're reasonably far inland. As of now, my office will be open through Friday, though this could change.

I'll be very surprised if we go gaming this weekend, as our DM lives in League City. She's on my 'People to Worry About' list, unless she can get to her brother's house. He lives in north Houston. That still leaves a small handful of people who I'm worried about, though.

Mark went to the grocery store yesterday and bought bottled water--fruit-flavored water, since all the unflavored water was sold out.

I hope the house doesn't flood. *bites nails*

Current Mood: worriedworried

Suse--Thank you!


That bad thing is, you really can't hope it'll go elsewhere, because if it does, that just means it'll be someone else's misfortune. So all you can really hope for is that you'll be able to handle it okay and that those you care about will make it through.

*stifles self from writing some cathartic story about Seth & Co. during the 'freak hurricane' in the West Country*


She's Category 5 now.

I heard.
I whimpered.
I wanted to cower under my desk! (g)

If my parents could survive three days of Hurricane Carla with my Grandma Gaudiano, Mark and I can survive this.

Yep, that's what I'm a'tellin' myself....


The news was predicting it would be "only" a 4 when it makes landfall.

Yep, they're saying the waters near the coast are slightly cooler than the waters in the middle of the Gulf. So we'll see.

Good God...We'll probably have Geraldo Rivera standing somewhere on Galveston Beach getting his hair and trenchcoat all wind-tossed in a day or so.

*despises Geraldo Rivera*

Maybe he'll be blown out to sea?


I have to admit, I sometimes think that reporters who stand on a beach during a hurricane should deserve whatever happens to them. The pitiful thing is, if one of them ever did get swept away, he'd probably be eulogized and his praises sung for his 'bravery.'

*rolls eyes*

Standing outside on a beach during a hurricane is just stupid. Maybe someday, the reporters will figure it out.


Is it wishful thinking, or do I recall a reporter getting blown up while acting like an ass during one of the iterations of the Gulf War?


Thinking and worrying about you!

Keep us updated!

Re: Rita

Tricia--*Hugs!* Will do, as long as we have power.