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Asking to be Slapped

Someone in my office is playing that Hilary Duff song, "Come Clean." You know, the one that includes the lyrics, "Let the rain come down..."

No, thank you!

Hurricane Rita went to Category 4 this morning--about six hours before it was expected to. It was freaking out all the local radio weathermen when the news came in during the middle of their weather reports.

Looks like Mark and I will be riding out the storm at home, as we're reasonably far inland. As of now, my office will be open through Friday, though this could change.

I'll be very surprised if we go gaming this weekend, as our DM lives in League City. She's on my 'People to Worry About' list, unless she can get to her brother's house. He lives in north Houston. That still leaves a small handful of people who I'm worried about, though.

Mark went to the grocery store yesterday and bought bottled water--fruit-flavored water, since all the unflavored water was sold out.

I hope the house doesn't flood. *bites nails*

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