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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Crime Night Tuesday

Poetry Meme: From spoke:

When you see this, post a poem you like on your LJ.

To make a prairie,
It takes a clover and one bee--
One clover and a bee--
And reverie.
The reverie alone will do, if bees
Are few

--Emily Dickinson

Bones: This is a pretty good show, but I still like Crossing Jordan a lot better. Jordan has a more interesting personality, to me. I do like the character played by the guy who used to play Angel. It's good to see him working again.

House: That bastard has an iPod Mini! It's not fair!
Best line ever: "It's sunny outside; you should take a walk."

A&E: They seem to have replaced Dog and/or Growing Up Gotti with a new reality show called Inked, about guys who work at a tattoo parlor. Mildly interesting. I guess I have to figure out when they air all of their forensics shows. I hope they haven't moved the Crossing Jordan reruns.

Work: Work was busy today. Lots of purchase orders done, lots of things mailed out. Tomorrow, I get to start researching what has happened to PO's more than 30 days old.

Hurricane: I look forward to the creation of a new mixed drink, the Hurricane 'Rita--part margarita and part Hurricane. Any takers?

They really should come up with a TV medical examiner who looks like Death from The Endless. Just for the heck of it.

Crossovers We Would Like to See: Monk and Quincy are investigating a crime scene. Oscar Madison has been murdered in the apartment he shared with Felix Unger--and Felix keeps compulsively trying to tidy up the crime scene--not to hide guilt; just because he's a neat freak. Monk, meanwhile, nearly has a heart attack at the prospect of entering Oscar's living quarters....

Current Mood: geekygeeky

Hehe! I like your icon!

Yes, I watched House avidly last season. When did he get the iPod?

I wonder how much Beethoven and Hildegard I could fit into one of those?


"So tell me, is it the thundering bass line?"

I just hope he disinfected it.

(and, icons totally stealable if you're inclined. only ones I don't want others to snag are my tattoo pics.)

Did you get it from houseicons or somewhere else?

Thank you I might just steal it.


Made it (and the rest of my icons, although in some case that was just a matter of cropping). S' why I can so easily say "take any you want". Except the tattoos, cuz, pics of me... it'd be weird.