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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Crime Night Tuesday

Poetry Meme: From spoke:

When you see this, post a poem you like on your LJ.

To make a prairie,
It takes a clover and one bee--
One clover and a bee--
And reverie.
The reverie alone will do, if bees
Are few

--Emily Dickinson

Bones: This is a pretty good show, but I still like Crossing Jordan a lot better. Jordan has a more interesting personality, to me. I do like the character played by the guy who used to play Angel. It's good to see him working again.

House: That bastard has an iPod Mini! It's not fair!
Best line ever: "It's sunny outside; you should take a walk."

A&E: They seem to have replaced Dog and/or Growing Up Gotti with a new reality show called Inked, about guys who work at a tattoo parlor. Mildly interesting. I guess I have to figure out when they air all of their forensics shows. I hope they haven't moved the Crossing Jordan reruns.

Work: Work was busy today. Lots of purchase orders done, lots of things mailed out. Tomorrow, I get to start researching what has happened to PO's more than 30 days old.

Hurricane: I look forward to the creation of a new mixed drink, the Hurricane 'Rita--part margarita and part Hurricane. Any takers?

They really should come up with a TV medical examiner who looks like Death from The Endless. Just for the heck of it.

Crossovers We Would Like to See: Monk and Quincy are investigating a crime scene. Oscar Madison has been murdered in the apartment he shared with Felix Unger--and Felix keeps compulsively trying to tidy up the crime scene--not to hide guilt; just because he's a neat freak. Monk, meanwhile, nearly has a heart attack at the prospect of entering Oscar's living quarters....

Current Mood: geekygeeky

Did you watch House last season? I think I know where he got that iPod...

Hehe! I like your icon!

Yes, I watched House avidly last season. When did he get the iPod?

I wonder how much Beethoven and Hildegard I could fit into one of those?


"So tell me, is it the thundering bass line?"

I just hope he disinfected it.

(and, icons totally stealable if you're inclined. only ones I don't want others to snag are my tattoo pics.)

Did you get it from houseicons or somewhere else?

Thank you I might just steal it.


Made it (and the rest of my icons, although in some case that was just a matter of cropping). S' why I can so easily say "take any you want". Except the tattoos, cuz, pics of me... it'd be weird.

I look forward to the creation of a new mixed drink, the Hurricane 'Rita--part margarita and part Hurricane. Any takers?

Ow. Now I dead from pun.

The scary thing is, here in Houston, there are restaurants where it could happen. (g)


Oh, I believe it. (And I want a recipe when it's invented.)

Personally I'd go for the iPod Nano - it's slimmer, fits into pockets better :)

Rin--Oh! I think that's what I mistook for the Mini. marvo and I are both drooling over that one.

I swear, it's the size of a credit car, almost--at least, that's how it looks.


Yup, that's the Nano! There's a shiny black one and it's gorgeous.

The concept of a music storage system that I could fit into my wallet boggles my mind! (g)


Actually, it's just a regular ol' iPod, which aren't much bigger than a cassette tape. The minis and nanos are even smaller but the minis are all colored, and the nanos would not have been released when that was filmed.

Detail oriented? Me?

I like Bones, though possibly because I like Boreanz so much and because I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist at one time.

Heh...I like Bones, though I keep picturing Jordan in her place and imagining how her lines would be different if Jordan said them. *snickers* I like the guy played by Angel a lot. Not only does he say he doesn't like killing people, you could see it on his face when he shot Farid in last night's episode. Not impassive, at all. Very much "Damn! I didn't want to have to do that." I liked his insistence on seeing the man's face to ID him, too, rather than relying on Brennan. I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist ever since I saw a skull reconstruction done on Quincy. But I didn't know what it was called, and my math grades in high school were horrible, so I didn't think I'd be accepted into any training programs. Chantal

Me again, Chantal. Are you battening down the hatches down there?

Yep. We're clearing out the yard and buying supplies. I hope Mark will board up the windows today or tomorrow.

The last hurricane we had, I slept through. I don't think this one will pass as easily.

Hm! I just heard that our office will be closed tomorrow and Friday. *wibbles*


Rosemary--Are you having to evacuate? I'd heard that Liberty was under mandatory orders, but I didn't know if that was just a rumor.

Stay safe, whatever the case. *Hugs*


They're evacuating where I used to live. Up here in Arlington, we're okay. They're talking about heavy rains, winds and possible flooding if it stalls out over us, but that's all.

I guess you and Mark are staying there and boarding up. Lots of water, lots of bateries. Food you don't have to cook. Go ahead and pack up anything irreplacable and put it in a closet and get anything expensive off the floor (computer towers, for instance.) Stay away from the windows, even if they're boarded up.

Stay safe, Chantal. *hugs*