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Catching Up

Friends: It's Monday, and I've finally been able to read over my friends list for the first time in days--only to discover that one of my friends went into the hospital with chest pains and spent time in the ER--several days ago.

Thankfully, he's okay.

I hate to think what other things I might have missed and therefore been unable to offer any kind of comfort or support to people I care about. Does it really take me realizing that I feel kind of isolated, to realize that several days have slipped by with me knowing nothing of what has been going on in my friends lives?


Work: I thought I would be able to get a lot more done today, but I had to take three lengthy calls and attend a session of training, so a large part of the day was pretty much shot. *grumbles* But at least I'm making headway on things, and I should have the PO's and invoices well in hand for end-of-month. I feel a lot more in control of things than I did when I started last August.

Bummer, though. The feature that should allow me to include the provider name during the PO phase instead of having to enter the provider name for every single service record doesn't work on my computer; it kicks me out of the system entirely and disconnects me. Wah! So I'm stuck having to do needless repetition for every service record. *grumbles some more*

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