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Sunday Update

Writing: I spent a lot of today working out things for Avriet and Sevrennes, preparatory to constructing a novel outline and getting ready to work on it. It amazes me, sometimes, the amount of thought and work that must go into the creation of a fantasy world. Everything must be created and made not only believable, but also internally consistent.

I'm having to revamp the entire history of this setting, and that is adding in some interesting new things, in some cases, very useful things.

Other Thoughts: I miss you all. I don't have much time to read my journal anymore, as my job keeps me very busy, and when I get home, I'm busy writing or doing other things which need to be done. I haven't been able to really sit down and read my friends list in days--not the way I once could. Given the alternative, though, I'll take my current job. I was so bored as the receptionist.

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