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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Saturday Update

Feet: I had my second pedicure today. Hurray! Since I don't get my toenails painted, the pedicurist offered a shin massage, instead. It was lovely!

Writing: (Much of what I talk about here is me talking to myself. Pay it no mind unless you are a reader of my writing journal.)

I'm working more on Avriet/Sevrennes, merging the two countries together. There is no sense in having two magical, pseudo-French fantasy countries in my mind, when they are so similar to each other. Besides, I also came up with the method for Allistaire and Micaul to learn about the curse by inventing a phrase from Sevrennes: "When a student craves learning, he will seek a teacher." I know who the teacher is, why he exists, and how he can help. I even worked out how Micaul is able to do this, what with being Avriet's king. Myradin from IMS wishes I had come up with this solution for him.

The changes I'm having to incorporate into Avriet for this merger are weird, though. Micaul now has Drachaine guards--which means that his father had them, too. So now I've got these people who consider it their sacred duty to guard the king--but King Richot was an ass who I think the Drachaine would have heartily disliked.

Having my character Eduard Verraquis in the same story with Allistaire and Micaul feels weird, too.

I also worked out why Micaul, who should be the person in Avriet most affected by the curse, comes across as oddly untouched by it. Yea for his mother!

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Speaking of writing, weren't you going to pick up that JP we started for the new HP game?

Sarah--When are you online? I would love to finish that JP with you, but I have no time at all at work. Do you want to meet this Saturday?