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Aerden [userpic]
'When in the USA' Week

I was all set to enjoy the History Channel's 'When in Rome' week these past five days. Roman culture has interested me for quite a long time--its government, its medicine, its engineering, its military, its religion.. I have even joined an orgazation that tries to recreate some of that governmental process, to see how it works. I prefer Rome of the Republic to Rome of the Empire, but I am still interested in both.

So I was quite disappointed when what I expected to be interesting and informative documentaries on Roman history turned out to be, at least to my eyes, thinly-veiled anti-American political propaganda pieces disguised as documentaries about Roman history.

Basically, they would show some unsavory bit of Roman history and then show President Bush talking about the war in Iraq

I have lost so much of the respect I once had for the History Channel over this past week, it isn't even funny. This past week has been a slap in the face. It was insulting and tacky, and it will be a while before I watch anything on The History Channel again.

Harry Potter Coolness!: From the French version of Goblet of Fire. Link courtesy of pegkerr

LJ T-Shirt: My LiveJournal t-shirt arrived Friday. Yea!

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You aren't the only one who saw past the veil! My friend Bruce made the same comments about "When In Rome." He was pretty furious over the blatant politicization of what could have been a very interesting documentary. Bleh. This is why David and I don't have cable.

I have even joined an orgazation that tries to recreate some of that governmental process


(And you've been a very hardworking member of that organization.)

As for the History Channel, I got tired of them years ago. They're going for sensationalism, not accuracy.

Didn't see any political propaganda, but I did get sick of the surface treatment of history. :S I really didn't need the elementary school treatment of Caesar's Gallic conquests, or of the Roman judicial system.


The Hysteria Channel

I've seen a lot of that myself on THC lately. Bad enough they were doing it to Southern history shows; now they want to do it to the rest of the country as well. We've pretty much turned off the boobtoob ourselves except for things like the Weather Channel and harmless travel documentaries.

Give me a good old book, instead!