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Hurray for Google!

Internet: A few years ago, I saw on TV a historical documentary about Japanese geishas and how they are trained, etc. I decided I wanted to learn more about them, so I did a Yahoo search.

The results I got were pages and pages of really scuzzy sex and pornography sites.

Today, I typed in the single word 'geisha' into Google and came up with informational sites about the geishas and maikos of Japan


Google's got my vote for best search engine ever!

Life: I slept quite a bit today, took a walk, did some writing, and then did some more writing. I'm on Bactrim now. Bactrim is good stuff.

We went to a House Bedlam Labor Day party yesterday. I enjoyed myself, but I almost feel guilty for enjoying myself, considering how miserable our guests from New Orleans surely are.

Gaming: I think my tabletop gaming character Livius may have found his true love. (g) The only problem is, she's a reptile. Our DM delights in doing things like this to us. On the other hand, my character is enlightened (by the standards used in the game) and doesn't mind. Scary, that.

If you are looking for a good, freeform, high fantasy RPG, check out Ardaea.

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