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Hurricane Thoughts

From seshen's journal: Why Chantal Loves Talk Radio

Hurricane and Aftermath: I have decided that it would be wisest for me not to comment on the situation in New Orleans except to say that I wish there were more ways I could help.

After thinking about it, I decided that anything else I have been thinking of saying is mainly off-the-cuff venting rather than intelligent commentary. I can't say anything that would help the situation, and I'm not convinced that I have a right to criticize from my comfortable, air-conditioned, dry office.

The looters are beyond disgraceful, and I'm not sure I would entirely object to a 'shoot on sight' policy. Stealing food or medicine I could understand--except for the people who held a supply truck at gunpoint whose supplies were meant for a hospital. There is no excuse for stealing designer clothes and designer tennis shoes by the bagtful, just because you can. It is obscene for police to have to divide their attention between searching for and rescuing survivors and heading off looters.

On the other hand, poorer people, a population which often includes criminals, are exactly the population who had no transportation to allow them to leave. It wouldn't surprise me if some criminals decided to stay in New Orleans precisely so they could loot. I worked with these people for ten years. I've seen how they think.

Commentary on the levy issue from a blogger.

Anyway...I have a pile of invoices to process, so I'm going to work on them. I hope all of you on my friends list have a great weekend!

FYI: From the Texas Department of Health and Human Services: They are offering various assistance services to Louisiana residents on Food Stamps, and they are trying to place foster children, among providing other services.

Evacuees can also call the Texas 211 Referral Network and this toll-free number: 1-888-312-4567 These are numbers for the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

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