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::happy sigh:: I got some writing done, this morning. :) Writing always makes me happy.
My healer character Myradin is about to have a knock-down, drag-out fight with his ex-lover Dareanna. My Ealdru physician Aerden is talking with the police about a couple of murders which occurred in his hospital, and my evil priest Tarran has just been hauled off on some mysterious mission by some woman he doesn't know, who is being obstinately uncommunicative.

Life's fun, all around.

I'm listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio program right now. It's Open Line Friday, with Roger Hedgecock as the guest host. I thought he was Tony Snow, at first, but Hedgecock is okay. Tony Snow is okayer, though. (g)

I heard an interesting commentary by Eric Burns of Fox News, this morning. He was wondering whether this story of Madeleine Togood(sp?) would have received as much airplay on the news as it has, if she had not been caught hitting her child on videotape. His point was that the story should dictate what we decide is news, rather than video footage. It's a very good point and very thought-provoking. I'm going to pay more attention to Eric Burns, in the future. I hope he decides to write a book, at some point.

Speaking of books, I hear that George Will has a new one out. Yea! He and David Brinkley are fantastic. ::beams::

I know, I know; I like a lot of old fogey journalists. So sue me. :) George Will reminds me of my favorite journalism professor in college, Dr. Campbell Titchener. They could be twins; it's scary.

Movie: If you haven't seen Possession yet, you should; it's very good. Besides, it has Gweneth Paltrow in it. I loved her in Emma. It's a story of two modern literary academics who conduct research into the lives of two (fictional) Victorian poets. It's a very enjoyable film.

And in case that sounds too terribly high-brow, let me also say that I have seen and enjoyed all three Austin Powers movies. They were very silly fun, though I'm curious to know what my British friends think of them.

A better comedy, though, is Bedazzled, the version starring Elizabeth Hurley as Satan. If I were a guy, Elizabeth Hurley would drive me to sin, as well...and I'd go to Hell a happy guy! (g)

Migraine Cure: The Pernese version of Aerden has heard it all, now--botulism toxin as a cure for migraines. He's sticking with strong tea, thankyouverymuch.

Medicine: I read an interesting article last week about medical maladies of musicians. The author divided his article into six parts, devoting each to one section of a symphonic orchestra, and then subdivided each section into categories based on body system (musculo-skeletal, nervous, etc.). It was pretty fascinating. I didn't know, for example, that brass players can develop allergies to nickel, or that violinists can have reactions to their violin strings and so forth. And harpists can get onycholysis--separation of the fingernails. Ew! My harpist character David just winced. he thinks maybe he'll switch to carpentry or skydiving, instead.

Darn! This reminds me that I wanted to read up on hematology, for my character Simon, but have never gotten around to it. ::sigh:: Oh well, I couldn't use the stuff in Nathaniel and Piotr's story, anyway, since Simon himself knows nothing of blood ailments.

Room Cleaning: Speaking of medicine, I found a treasure trove while cleaning my bedroom--my copy of The Bone Lady and an unopened can of Ghirardelli's powdered Cocoa Mix. And two hats from the Renaissance Festival.

Unfortunately, I haven't found my mind, yet. It's still lost.

See you later!

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