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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Seth's Plot Conclusion - Solved

SPH: I am such an idiot. The solution to Seth's plotline in SPH has been staring me in the face for months, and I never saw it.

I give deep and sincere apologies to Viv, Sarah, and Azreen. To do this I have to, in effect, use a time-turner and go with the idea I originally had for having Seth kidnapped by the Death-Eaters at the graduation party.

This will allow me to deal with a lot of plot problems which occurred following the graduation party, problems I created because I was upset and playing Seth very foolishly.

I don't expect that anyone will want to collaborate with me on this at such a late date. If anyone does want to collaborate on this plot, you're more than welcome. But I know I've procrastinated and floundered, and the rest of the world has long since moved on.

That said, if you would be interested in writing for Zascha/Erzsebet, Suse, that would be wonderful. I need for Zascha to be her natural self to Seth. This will cause all manner of chaos among the Death-Eaters, but well, the truth had to come out at some point. If you don't want to do this, I understand.

Viv--The DE will know for certain that Paul was a traitor, because I'm positive that Zascha will rip the truth out of Seth's mind, and she has no reason not to share the information.

Right now, I'm not sure if Artemisia and Petrus will survive.

At last, I feel a little happier about the ending to this game. I may be the only one who even cares anymore; I don't know. But at least I feel better, having finally decided how to proceed. I hate being indecisive. It has been massively frustrating to not know how I could end this plot.

Current Mood: determineddetermined

One day someone will have to explain all of this to me.

Rich--Hehe....Until last night, the little Seth in my head had been going through clinical depression and STILL hadn't tracked down 'Erzsebet. I realized that, if I backtrack, write Seth being captured by the DE as I had originally planned to do, and take the plot punches that I didn't take before, with regard to the consequences of Paul's trial, I can make things 'right' in my head.

Seth will do something (I haven't yet figured out what) to interfere with Zascha when she inevitably goes to the British Museum's Egyptian exhibit to do whatever Suse meant for her to do--at which time Erzsebet can return--long story.

The DE kidnap Seth because they want to see if he truly has no skill at legilimency, or if they can use him to take Paul's place. Seth denies having any talent with the spell/ability, but I think Zascha would tell the DE that there was an easy way to find out the truth--and use the legilimency spell on him. Seth has the gift but is untrained and doesn't know occlumency. So the DE will find out everything. I suspect this will cause reprisals against Seth's grandparents unless they can escape in time.

I have always thought that what happened during Paul's trial--the Fidelis thing--should have consequences. There has to be an accounting somehow, just for literary symmetry, I guess. I'll see how to make that work out.

By 'Seth acting foolishly,' I meant 'foolishly over Isodora.' Erzsebet truly is/was the person Seth loves, and he must go after her or at least play some crucial role in restoring her to the present.

I hope it's a little clearer now. (g)


Hey, Rich?

Thanks for asking. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking into a black hole whenever I mention SPH lately, and I guess that's to be expected. But it meant a lot to me that you cared enough about something that matters to me, to ask about it. You are a terrific guy, and don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

I guess I've seemed a little obssessed about the subject, but I hate leaving a story unfinished. It has been driving me crazy for months that I couldn't figure out how to tie up Seth's story. So I've kept talking about it, even though the game is over.


You are certainly not the only one to care about the story. Megan still sleeps in my head and Lillith too!

Viv--I am so relieved to hear that!

My characters are awake in my head and frustrated--they've been frustrated for months. They're driving me crazy to write about them. *sighs*